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Hemp for Multiple Sclerosis: Your Muscles Never Had It so Good

CBD for Muscle pain

Almost everyone knows about the staggering number of health and nutritional benefits provided by both hemp and CBD products. Researchers have found, however, an extremely promising use of hemp oil for multiple sclerosis–a discovery that has yet to hit the sweet spot (i.e., go viral) on social media and major news outlets. Unbeknownst to even […]

Medical Interactions: Does CBD Play Well With Others?

Look, we get it: CBD is a phenomenally well-rounded supplement, but it can’t do absolutely everything. New users of CBD especially tend to use CBD alongside other drugs. These commonly include anti-inflammatories, painkillers, or other medications. (And, obviously, if you’ve been ordered to take heart meds, those babies aren’t going anywhere). While cannabinoids are found […]

Does CBD Cause Short-Term Memory Loss?

One of the most destructive stereotypes when it comes to the advancement of this incredible supplement, CBD, is the popularized perception of the short-term-memory-challenged “stoner.” Most Hollywood depictions of marijuana smokers include a forgetful, snack-gorging numbskull who laughs at everything a little too much. CBD oil and straight ganja are two very different things, though, […]

Cutting Through the Haze: Top CBD Myths Debunked

Thanks largely to the stigmas formed by staunchly opposed state legislatures and interest groups, many people still believe that CBD users are simply using the extract as a stepping stone to legalize cannabis. Even CBD supporters are liable to believe one of many CBD myths created by increasingly fact-bending online communities, often claiming that CBD […]

CBD for Fitness: The 5 Things You Need to Know

CBD and Fitness

If you’re tired of being jolted into a state of twitchy, face-tingling hysteria by these somehow legal “pre-workout” supplements, you may be delightfully surprised by the many uses of CBD for fitness enthusiasts. FYI for newbies to the blog: CBD is short for cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis and hemp. Yes, we know […]

CBD As a Game-Changing Autism Treatment

Defining autism is like defining art – it’s a fluid, broad-spectrum disorder that affects every single patient differently. Our current understanding is limited to simply assessing patient behavior and throwing different antipsychotic drugs at the disorder (though hopefully, CBD for autism will become a thing!); we have yet to identify specific, consistent mechanisms involved. Nonetheless, […]