Can CBD Oil Really Treat That?

It’s kind of hard not to sound like a “miracle salve” peddler from the early 20th century when describing the vast multitude of conditions treated by CBD. Unlike old Nestor from Dodge City and his “miraculous tonics,” though, CBD oil uses no cocaine, snake venom or anything else ridiculous to treat some of the most […]

Hempseed Oil and your Skin

CBD for skin

Although clear skin has always been in, skincare is trending now like never before. Although the temptation may be to chalk this up to the social media centric, “all about me-llenial” generation, this does not seem to be the case. The obsession isn’t with having better looking skin, its by having actually better skin, and […]

CBD Oil Dosage: A Guide

CBD dose

It’s reasonable to be a little skeptical, or at least cautious, when taking a CBD supplement for the first time – especially if it’s a concentrated extract. If you haven’t consulted your doctor or at least skimmed some authoritative sources to get your CBD dosage just right, you’re liable to over-analyze. That said, it is still […]