who we are

We believe traditional medical care can only be maximally effective if used alongside lifestyle modification and the use of natural goods when appropriate and possible. It’s not either or, it’s AND. 

who we are

We are professionals and dreamers, perfectionists and lifelong learners with a penchant for personal wellness. We believe in personal responsibility when it comes to health. We believe lifestyle modification and the use of natural goods as the price of entry for the attainment and maintenance of physical health. 

The Paisley Ox Mission


Our mission at Paisley Ox is to provide the most effective CBD products on the market and the most accurate CBD education. We maintain a rigorous check and balance process from the moment our product is grown to the point it’s packaged for delivery. All Paisley Ox products on this website have been scrupulously curated by top researchers and have been tested by the best unbiased, third party laboratories across the US. Our blog is continually updated to provide as much information as possible to help you make informed purchasing decisions. The end result is a collection of Paisley Ox CBD products that are tailored to exceed your expectations and a database of CBD articles you can trust.

The Paisley Ox Team


The Paisley Ox Team is comprised of medical professionals, manufacturing engineers, legal experts and clinical researchers. Our medical consultants are practicing neurologists with decades of experience managing the conditions for which CBD can help. The collective education, training and experience of the Paisley Ox team makes us unique in the CBD industry. We are not investors without medical training trying to sell you CBD products. Paisley Ox was born as a direct result of hundreds of patients looking to our doctors for advice regarding CBD and the conditions for which it may be used. To this end, the Paisley Ox team was created to research and develop a line of trusted CBD products for their (and now your) use.

The Paisley Ox Story