Wow, CBD Oil for Sleep Is Really Effective

Despite our best and sometimes desperate efforts, sometimes we just can’t sleep. But have you tried CBD oil for sleep? We exhaust ourselves with the duties of the day. And after all that stress, lingering anxiety prevents our bodies from functioning. We can’t even do the most simple, essential thing: sleep. If you can relate, you know that after a short night of rest, a long day, and a quick lunch on fast food, the last thing anybody wants is a restless night. Or worse, chemically-induced sedation that presents a silent sleeper threat to your health. If you are one of the 70 million American adults that struggle with sleep, but you’re looking for a natural, non-addictive solution, then rest easy. CBD oil for sleep is the solution for you. Unfortunately for prescription sleep aid users, these products commonly rely on barbiturates. These are downers and synthetic compounds to drug you into a sedated state. However, using CBD oil for sleep naturally eases your brain’s sleep cycle. CBD oil for sleep helps the brain sleep by raising levels of chemicals the brain it already makes. But before we dive into the use of CBD oil for sleep, let’s take a look at a couple of the most common sleep disorders.

The Problem


If you’re like most people, your perception of insomnia pretty much consists of an eight hour staring contest with your ceiling. But this isn’t always the case. In reality, insomnia is defined as difficulty sleeping (i.e, interrupted or poor-quality sleep). Insomnia is generally divided into two categories. There is primary insomnia, wherein it is not associated with another condition. Secondary insomnia, by contrast, comes about as the result of injury or illness. Though there remain many sleep studies to be conducted to explore the causes of insomnia, most researchers have arrived at the consensus that stress precludes sleep. [Cue resounding “Duh.”] Insomnia sufferers all have this in common. Whether they have chronic insomnia, acute insomnia, or intermittent insomnia, they have higher levels of stress hormones like cortisol. From experience, you may have seen this factor coming. But let me tell you what you may not have known. Prescription medicines don’t lower your level of this hormone. This is why they can put you to sleep but cannot ensure you remain asleep. Think of prescription sleep aids are the band-aid, not the cure. They just introduce synthesized chemicals to mask the effects of naturally heightened cortisol levels. It’s time we stop sleeping on fighting naturally occurring symptoms with naturally occurring solutions like CBD oil for sleep, don’t you think?

REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

While most know R.E.M. as the band we have thank for the soundtrack to so many coffee shop visits, we also have R.E.M. to thank for the best sleep of our lives—even with the volume down. In the medical world, R.E.M. stands for rapid-eye-movement. This is the most critical stage within the sleep cycle. It is in REM sleep that we experience our deepest sleep, and usually, our dreams. Our blood pressure drops, and every muscle in our body relaxes. Nightly rest can be measured in this cycle, lasting about an hour and a half on average. If you’ve ever woken from a nap more sleepy than when it started, you’ve probably awoken in the middle of your REM cycle. The average person can make their REM cycles work for them by timing their sleep by 90 minute REM blocks so that they always wake up at the end of a cycle. But for those suffering from REM sleep behavior disorder, nights consist of disrupted cycles and relentless pillow flipping. For both insomniacs and REM sleep behavior sufferers, there is unfortunately no rest for the weary–that is, until now.

How CBD Oil Improves Sleep Quality

Both of the above sleep disorders are often associated with elevated levels of stress hormones (cortisol, for example). When these stress hormones remain elevated for long enough, they begin to disrupt the natural sleep cycle. Guess which natural sleep aid is here to save the day yet again? Cannabidiol (or CBD oil for sleep), of course! Contemporary research on CBD oil for sleep indicate that the endocannabinoid system creates a natural defense against stress.

But Wait, There’s More!

Even better is the dual stress-busting action of CBD oil for sleep (yes, we know we sound like an infomercial). Take the case of secondary insomnia. Here, pain and elevated stress hormones team up to keep you up at night. Stress causes your body to suffer, and the suffering causes you to stress. But you can break the vicious cycle by dual management of both pain and stress with CBD oil for sleep. CBD oil for sleep is a little known alternative, but it’s starting to make a big name for itself. Whether you’re kept awake by monsters in the closet or ones in your head, sleep at night is your inalienable right. Take your power back by researching natural alternatives like CBD oil for sleep. RESOURCES