Hemp for Multiple Sclerosis: Your Muscles Never Had It so Good

CBD for Muscle pain

Almost everyone knows about the staggering number of health and nutritional benefits provided by both hemp and CBD products. Researchers have found, however, an extremely promising use of hemp oil for multiple sclerosis–a discovery that has yet to hit the sweet spot (i.e., go viral) on social media and major news outlets. Unbeknownst to even hemp cream fans, researchers suggest that hemp supplementation can potentially prevent and even treat conditions like multiple sclerosis, neuritis, and other demyelinating diseases.

First things first, though: What the heck is a demyelinating disease?

Myelin Explained

Alright, we will keep the six-syllable words to a minimum. Myelin is simply a covering that surrounds our nerve fibers like a sheath. Not all nerves have myelin surrounding them, but when they do, they are able to send impulses faster. That’s one of the two functions of myelin, the other being protection. A properly myelinated nervous system is evident in smooth and strong muscle contractions.

A demyelinating disease, then, is one that attacks this fatty covering, whether through an autoimmune process, inflammation, or a combination. Multiple sclerosis is a textbook example of this, affecting hundreds of thousands across the globe. When damage occurs to the myelin, damage occurs to the communication between brain and muscle (i.e., the nerve). A cornucopia of conditions can result, namely weakness, pain, and coordination issues. This is where hemp cream and hemp oil come in.

Why Use Hemp Oil for Multiple Sclerosis?

The essential fatty acids abundant in hemp cream (and oil) directly support both myelin and nerve health. Myelin is made of a complex containing several fatty acids, and the membranes surrounding nerve cells also use them. This is why using hemp oil for multiple sclerosis is particularly exciting; it directly prevents a very serious condition and many like it! It isn’t too late for people already dealing with MS, either. Hemp can be used to slow the demyelinating process. What’s better, it can also be used to address the many symptoms of MS.

Users can benefit from applying hemp cream topically to soothe sore muscles, which, if you ask anyone with MS, is a serious benefit. This isn’t just routine “workout” soreness like anyone else experience, either. When MS hinders the brain’s communication with the muscles, the muscles can get very, very sore with even mild to moderate exertion. Another unfortunate effect of MS and other demyelinating diseases is muscle spasms. Nothing puts a damper on that exhausting physical therapy session more than a toe-curling (in a bad way), round of spasms. Using hemp cream or hemp oil for multiple sclerosis allows muscle spasms to relax, giving them the recovery time that they desperately need. Finally, the plant-based protein and amino acids provided by hemp allows MS and other neurological disorder patients the ability to recover from their exercise and physical therapy routines.

Not bad for juice from a seed, don’t you think? Even more excitingly, hemp’s growing popularity will hopefully yield more studies like those that discovered the use of hemp oil for multiple sclerosis. Harmful narcotics have reigned for far too long – it’s time to demand a higher standard.